Your Career Revolution

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Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you. We’re honored to walk with you on this journey. Like you, we believe in a different way and a different world. Let’s jump into Your Career Revolution™. Shall we?

“This book will challenge the reader’s current perceptions. It will challenge your mindset, even limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. This book will help you discover pathways to your goals, your needs, and your expectations in ways I promise you that you’ve never imagined,” said Tamara Loring.

The new book, Your Career Revolution: Reimagine and Reclaim the Life of Your Dreams,” gives people permission to dream. Terry Powell, Visionary Founder, co-authored this revolutionary book alongside the Career Ownership Coach community. This book is a great guide and starting point for anyone who wants to make meaningful changes in their lives and careers.

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Where we interviewed and celebrated the authors and team that made this amazing BOOK possible. The event was hosted by Kary Oberbrunner, founder of Igniting Souls Publishing Agency, and Tamara Loring, the Brand Ideology at The Entrepreneur’s Source. We even had people fly in from all over the country for an in-person watch party to help us celebrate in Southbury, Connecticut. Whether in person or virtual, hundreds of people attended the event from across the country, we even had people join us from  Canada and Italy, which was fun. In addition to contributing to the new book by sharing their own stories, we put the book’s cover in the hands of our more than 150 career coaches. They relished the task of voting between four options to select the book cover. TES revealed the winning cover at the virtual launch with great fanfare. To highlight the virtual celebration, and gave away 50 free copies of the new book to attendees.

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