Possibilities, Options & Dreams: Ep-8 “Exploring Vehicles to Your Success” #030122

Airdate: March 4th, 2022: In Episode #8 of The “Possibilities, Options & Dreams” Podcast, Melissa and Tamara Explore New Ways to Discover the Right Vehicles for Your Successful Career.

“Your Career 2.0, A Survival Guide for the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome” book cover

Watch Now! Possibilities, Options & Dreams: Episode-8 “Exploring Vehicles to Your Success”

In this episode of the “Possibilities, Options & Dreams” Podcast, Melissa and Tamara do a deep dive into Chapter 4 of “Your Career 2.0, A Survival Guide for the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome”

Based on the best-selling book for successful and emerging entrepreneurs “Take Ownership of your Career 2.0, A Survival Guide for the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome”  POD – Possibilities, Options & Dreams fosters meaningful connections, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to identify, pursue and achieve their dream of self-sufficiency.

Chances are that you are interested in this Podcast because you are among the 75% of the population that is seeking self-sufficiency. Most likely you have a desire to find a better way and to improve your current situation. Perhaps you are tired of being a victim of the Battered Career Syndrome® or the Battered Investor Syndrome® which keep people going back to hopeless situations with the expectation that this time around they will be different–that the job and the stock markets will go back to the heydays enjoyed in years past.

More in This Episode:

“So even if your dream feels unrealistic, it doesn’t really matter. Let’s start figuring out how we can get there. Let’s look at vehicles for success, If you’ve got this dream, we can look at what others have done to pursue theirs, right. And it doesn’t need to be anything magical or brand spanking new. You don’t need to be a genius to come up with that. Just you know, very pragmatically, what have successful people done to achieve their goals, their needs, their expectations in order to pursue their income, lifestyle, love and equity goals, right?” –Tamara Loring

“Today is all about chapter four, “Your Career 2.0” . On our past Podcasts we have discussed, the journey of discovery. This Podcast reviews: your goals, needs and expectations. What are you looking for out of your career and life in general? What are the different obstacles and common barriers that we can put in front of ourselves and stop us from moving forward?” –Melissa Pang

More About This Podcast:

image of hopeful businessman on a tabletYou are painfully aware that the job market has changed dramatically in the last 25 years with more and more layoffs every time there is a downward shift in the economy, with jobs being lost to cheaper labor in other countries and entire industries moving overseas. We have been living in the Career Revolution era where job security no longer exists and pension plans are a thing of the past. Our families, our income, our emotional wellbeing, and the way we must plan for the future have all been drastically affected. Maybe there have been cutbacks in your company. Maybe you have been lucky enough to have survived them but wonder when your turn is coming. Or maybe you didn’t survive the latest layoff and are currently unemployed or underemployed, or perhaps you have even joined the unemployable ranks.
Increased levels of fears and uncertainty in today’s workplace don’t leave much room for inspiration or empowerment. In fact, when was the last time you felt inspired or empowered? Think back to when you were a child and the possibilities were endless. You felt you could do anything. You felt empowered, right?
You could dare to dream because failure was not even an option.
You had the ability to focus on the end goal and not on the obstacles in your way. It’s time to regain that ability and redefine your goals. Where is your professional future headed? Are you on track? Will your current path take you where you want to go? This book is the starting point of your journey towards self-sufficiency and financial freedom. Together we will build the framework to define your goals, needs, and expectations, and assist you in determining the proper vehicle to help you attain them.

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Enjoy the POD Podcast and begin your journey to self-sufficiency.
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Tamara been with The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) since March 2002, based at the Performance Enhancement Center (PEC) in Southbury, CT. Over the years her responsibilities have evolved, and her roles have changed, but most of her work and input tends to revolve around training and operations. Her TES journey has not only been a professional one, but a personal one. She is passionate about the organization and working with Franchise Business Owners to further the TES mission which is to empower seekers to identify and pursue their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals and learning about various vehicles to accomplish that in a safe space. And we do this, while providing a sound foundation of leadership, relationship and possibilities. “What we get to do, changes lives and I take that very personally, so I was honored when I was asked to oversee our TES Brand Ideology.” In this role, Tamara continues her quest to ensure TES continues to be a highly ethical and high integrity organization by upholding our Brand Promise and executing on our Mission and living by our Values.


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Always customer service-focused, Melissa is a proud member of the TES SourceLink team and works with TES franchisor members on a daily basis, providing a collaborative environment that fosters win-win relationships. She feels most in her element when collaborating with franchisor members – working together, Melissa helps them find solutions and build strong, long-lasting relationships with TES coaches and clients in order to achieve the franchise growth results they desire.


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