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In this episode of the “Possibilities, Options & Dreams” Podcast, Melissa, and Mary do a deep dive into “Your Career 2.0, A Survival Guide for the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome”

Based on the best-selling book for successful and emerging entrepreneurs “Take Ownership of your Career 2.0, A Survival Guide for the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome”  POD – Possibilities, Options & Dreams fosters meaningful connections, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to identify, pursue and achieve their dream of self-sufficiency.

Chances are that you are interested in this Podcast because you are among the 75% of the population that is seeking self-sufficiency. Most likely you have a desire to find a better way and to improve your current situation. Perhaps you are tired of being a victim of the Battered Career Syndrome® or the Battered Investor Syndrome® which keep people going back to hopeless situations with the expectation that this time around they will be different–that the job and the stock markets will go back to the heydays enjoyed in years past.

More in This Episode, from Chapter 3:

How do you turn that growing awareness of other possibilities into a tangible goal? Our research shows that 75 percent of all adults are searching for something other than a job. They are seeking self-sufficiency and financial independence and they are experiencing constant frustration. They have a sense that there is something better out there, a different path from the rat race. Think of your increasing dissatisfaction with the traditional job market as a grain of sand inside an oyster. It is a persistent irritation; however, that is not necessarily a bad thing. When properly channeled, that grain of sand eventually develops into a precious pearl. In terms of your career, this constant irritation produced by the frustration about the job market motivates you to look outside of what you know and allows you to see greater possibilities for your future.

Mary Pang:

Turning sand into pearls, I think it’s a good place to start because if you think about the process of how is a pearl made? It starts when with a tiny grain of sand in this oyster shell, it’s an irritation, that over time turns into this beautiful jewel that’s prized and sought after. But what does it take to get it from the sand to the pearl? Think about someone’s current situation, whether you’re talking about a job, or their health, or a relationship that they’re not happy with, all of these can turn into something great or beautiful. There was a catalyst, there was something in the beginning that wasn’t quite right. And if we put it into context of this book, or what we know, a lot of people are going through in corporate America, in the job market in the job world, there’s something about that situation that isn’t right, it doesn’t feel right. It’s painful, right, it’s frustrating … maybe you’re tired of experiencing ageism, maybe you’re tired of traveling on the weekends and missing out on, you know, spending, watching your kids grow up going to soccer games. or maybe you’re just tired of being overlooked for a promotion that you know, you worked hard for There can be lots of different things considered as your grain of salt. But the important thing is … It doesn’t have to stay as a frustration. It can just be the starting point, to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow, in five years and 10 years, the most important thing, is that that grain of sand is a catalyst that you leverage to create positive change.

Melissa Pang:

It’s exciting once someone is ready to take that first step. That next step begins with your possibilities, options and dreams. They all exist and they are within your grasp. But to create the empowerment needed to reach them, you must first transform your mindset.  It is about educating yourself and gathering facts and figuring out what your possibilities options and dreams are. For myself, I am not that person who researches and delves into the data and looks up those things for me, I would need to find someone who is an expert or someone who has more experience or knowledge. I would look for someone who can help guide me that way.  Someone else might do a lot of that self-education and go out do the research and gather data. Regardless of how you are gathering data, that’s going to be the first step to empower yourself with that knowledge. Because once you have that, you then can make an educated choice or an educated decision around, where am I going to go from here.

portrait of mature businesswomanMore About This Podcast:

You are painfully aware that the job market has changed dramatically in the last 25 years with more and more layoffs every time there is a downward shift in the economy, with jobs being lost to cheaper labor in other countries and entire industries moving overseas. We have been living in the Career Revolution era where job security no longer exists and pension plans are a thing of the past. Our families, our income, our emotional wellbeing, and the way we must plan for the future have all been drastically affected. Maybe there have been cutbacks in your company. Maybe you have been lucky enough to have survived them but wonder when your turn is coming. Or maybe you didn’t survive the latest layoff and are currently unemployed or underemployed, or perhaps you have even joined the unemployable ranks.
Increased levels of fears and uncertainty in today’s workplace don’t leave much room for inspiration or empowerment. In fact, when was the last time you felt inspired or empowered? Think back to when you were a child and the possibilities were endless. You felt you could do anything. You felt empowered, right?
You could dare to dream because failure was not even an option.
You had the ability to focus on the end goal and not on the obstacles in your way. It’s time to regain that ability and redefine your goals. Where is your professional future headed? Are you on track? Will your current path take you where you want to go? This book is the starting point of your journey towards self-sufficiency and financial freedom. Together we will build the framework to define your goals, needs, and expectations, and assist you in determining the proper vehicle to help you attain them.

Enjoy the POD Podcast and begin your journey to self-sufficiency. Watch Episodes on YouTube or Listen to These Podcasts Channels and more!

Our Hosts:

image of Melissa PangAbout Melissa Pang

Always customer service-focused, Melissa is a proud member of the TES SourceLink team and works with TES franchisor members on a daily basis, providing a collaborative environment that fosters win-win relationships. She feels most in her element when collaborating with franchisor members – working together, Melissa helps them find solutions and build strong, long-lasting relationships with TES coaches and clients in order to achieve the franchise growth results they desire.

image of Mary PangAbout Mary Pang

At The Entrepreneur’s Source, I gained a deep understanding of the entire franchise candidate’s journey from initial exploration all the way through to investing in a franchise.
I witnessed the importance of each of the roles played by the franchise coach/consultant, franchise developer, and funding partner, and what a powerful impact collaboration has on achieving common goals.
I worked with hundreds of franchise brands to understand their business model and educate them on the importance of creating a strong discovery experience for each candidate.
I fell in love with the franchising industry at large, and the impact we collectively make in helping people realize their dreams of business ownership and self-sufficiency.
Mary has now moved on to FranFund as a Funding Consultant at FranFund, she helps people get the funding they need to start or grow their business.
We understand the uncertainty that can come with a new venture, so we make it a priority to educate and communicate during every step of the process so clients can move forward with confidence.


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